Private Label Food Manufacturing

Plum Foods offers private label food manufacturing for gourmet healthy breakfast cereals.  We offer gourmet and organic granola, gluten free granola.  We also supply paleo and vegan granola as well as Bircher muesli and porridge oats. All available as private label. (Or as white label products).

Products from Plum Foods are award winning. Our products have twice won gold medals at the international Great Taste Awards in the UK.

Maple Nut Crunch organic granola for private label food manufacturing in Australia

Maple Nut Crunch organic granola

Private Label Food Manufacturing

If your retail business would like to promote your own brand of healthy breakfast cereals, contact us.  If you would choose a similar packaging style, this allows us to offer a quick, simple private label service.

We can supply you either clean skin unlabelled (white label) product. Otherwise we could supply a fully labelled breakfast cereal range using your label. (Labelling would include a back label with your company contact details, nutrition panel and barcode).

Private label Granola

Healthy cereals including granola are long life products. We can offer you your own private label granola brand, with orders from as low as 20 cartons.  (Cartons contain 12 by 500g bags, or 6 by 1kg bags.). We can assist you with label production since we already produce a lot of labels.

Take one of our proven flavors or let us develop or make your own recipe.

Private label brands.

Private label brands of food products will take off better with a proven flavor. Using one of our market tested healthy cereal products will serve your business well. You wont need to invest time in developing recipes and testing and altering them to suit. Also if you choose one of our existing products then we can make it and sell it cheaper. This is because we can make the batch at the same time as our own in a larger batch. We then simply package and label it differently.

Plum Foods™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of  Opera Foods Group. Opera are manufacturers and wholesalers supplying Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane overnight. Contact our sales Manager on 04  1726 3933 to discuss your interest.

Plum Foods brand organic breakfast cereals are manufactured under HACCP food safety controls. They  are in a safe healthy workplace by experienced breakfast cereal production staff.