Plum Foods Goumet & Organic Granola & Muesli

Plum Foods Organic Granolas & Muesli

Plum Food’s Gourmet Organic Breakfast cereals:-

Maple Nut Crunch granola 500g, 1kg and 10kg catering pack (Winner Great Taste Awards)
Apple Supreme Paleo (also Gluten Free) 500g
Spelt & Agave granola 500g & 1kg
Cranberry Crunch granola 500g & 1kg
Fig & Apricot Bircher Muesli 500g & 1kg
Jumbo Oats – 5 Grain Porridge 500g
Organic Oats – Organic Rolled oats for Porridge

Plums Foods’ breakfast products are either or 100% (or majority by volume ) Organic or pesticide free ingredients.

Plum Foods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Foods Pty Ltd

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