Wholesale Granola Manufacturers Muesli Suppliers

Plum Foods Australia Pty Ltd are award-winning wholesale granola manufacturers and muesli suppliers. We manufacture in Sydney NSW and distribute to all suburbs of Sydney Melbourne & Brisbane overnight. Order online through our wholesale healthy granola store or phone our warehouse dispatch section now on 02 4954 4077.
We invite retailers and distributors to register for wholesale access through our group online store at Opera Foods.

Maple Nut Crunch organic granola from Wholesale Granola Manufacturers Plum Foods

Maple Nut Crunch organic granola

Wholesale Granola Manufacturers

Plum Foods are wholesale granola manufactures. We provide Australian retailers with multiple granola and muesli mixes. Our Granola and muesli have been refined and adjusted to consumers tastes over many years of trade.

For retailers we offer 500g bag sizes. For cafes and large families, we offer a 1kg bag. Both in brown paper Kraft bags, foil lined and zip locked to retain freshness. For caterers and busy cafes, we also offer a bulk catering back in 9kg to save on packaging,


Wholesale Muesli Suppliers

As wholesale muesli suppliers Plum Foods offers a special Bircher muesli mix. We also have gluten free healthy breakfast cereals. (see below).

Bircher Muesli is more like a porridge mix but is not usually cooked like a porridge. A Bircher is just soaked in milk or almond milk and topped with fresh fruits. Our Fig & Apricot Bircher comes with some ready added dried fruits to add to the nutritional value. This makes it a quick. ready to go Bircher muesli.

Cafe Breakfast Cereal Suppliers

Plum Foods have long been breakfast cereal suppliers to Australia’s Cafes. Our award winning, organic, Maple Nut Crunch is a popular breakfast cereal with cafes. Plum Food’s Maple Nut Crunch is the original gourmet crunchy clusters muesli. It is available in 500g consumer size bags for retailers. For Cafes we offer a larger 1kg bag or our bulk catering pack in 9k.  A good quality granola or muesli makes the perfect accompaniments for breakfast cereal bowls like the Acai bowl. Also, for breakfast & brunch smoothie mixes.

Gluten Free Granola & Muesli

We also have gluten free granola and muesli products that does not use cereal grains containing gluten, such as oats. Oats is very low in gluten and many businesses falsely sell it a as a gluten free cereal. We separately sell a beautiful organic rolled oats that makes a smooth porridge. Its low in gluten, however oats does not pass muster for gluten free. Our Gluten free granola products contain dried fruits other seeds and nuts but avoid common cereal crops that contain gluten.

Maple Nut Crunch Gluten Free Vegan Granola from Wholesale Granola Manufacturers

Gluten Free Maple Nut Crunch – Vegan Granola

Paleo & Vegan Granola

Plum Food’s Gluten Free Maple Nut Crunch is also a true VEGAN granola. A vegan granola is entirely plant food based. It does not contain any ingredients produced by animals such as honey or dairy products.

Plum Foods offers a special gluten free granola for Paleo foods eaters. Our Apple Supreme Paleo Gluten Free granola mix contains no cereal grains. It’s a true Paleo mix which is naturally gluten free.


Plum Foods wholesale granola manufacturers,  is a wholly owned subsidiary of Opera Foods Pty Ltd wholesale food Suppliers Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane