The Gourmet Muesli Diet.- A weight loss lifestyle plan

The Gourmet Muesli Diet.
If you are getting on a bit, and overweight, it might be time to have a good hard look at yourself ? The only way to really get healthy is to eat and exercise right and get yourself to a healthy weight that is not straining your organs.

 You don’t have to do anything extreme to achieve a healthy body. You dont need a diet or an exercise regime that stresses you. You just need a healthy attitude and a moderate eating and exercise mindset to gradually pull your body back to a healthy level and ensure you can enjoy life a lot longer.

One of the main ways to do that is with convenient foods that are natural wholefoods and one of the most convenient meals you can make is a granola or muesli bowl topped with fresh fruit & yoghurt. Unless your eating one of those sugar loaded commercial brands from the supermarket, its an easy healthy breakfast.

What Should I weigh?
A standard BMI index test uses your height and frame structure to indicate what the ideal weight for your particular body is. Its not an exacting science but can be quite revealing to those who have let the kilos accumulate as they age.
According to the BMI index, for my height and age and frame structure for example , I should be about 88kg. When I was 21 years of age however , I was a skinny thing about 80 kgs, so I figure that I could now be 80-90kg and still reasonable.  When you work out your BMI index you will have a pretty good idea of what you should weigh. You can google a BMI index calculator easily. So if you have a long way to go to get to a healthy weight, then you need a serious plan.

What is the Plan.
Many people have had many failed diets over the years and its not until you decide that you need a lifestyle change and an eating style change that you will get steady weight reductions rather than a yo yo diet that really will stress your critical organs.

Go for a middle of the road eating plan that’s more of a lifestyle change and not hard to manage, but  write it down and track it and talk to yourself about it regularly to ensure you stick to it.

Plum Foods sells a range of gourmet muesli and gourmet granola which are perfect dietary base foods and its a solid start to base a dietary lifestyle change on a gourmet muesli/granola breakfast to start each day with an energy packed breakfast that will give you longer endurance throughout  the day with low GI ingredients.

Most importantly you should publicly declare your lifestyle diet, so that your friends and family and maybe even fellow staff and customers,  who feel the need, can encourage you, or berate you. So tell them  “whenever you see me, please demand to know if I have lost weight this week“.

Here is our simple weight loss lifestyle plan

Breakfast: Plum Foods Gourmet granola – Maple Nut Crunch, 100g with A2 milk or yoghurt & Coffee
Mid morning : Coffee or tea (perhaps a good Matcha Tea) , plus 1 small piece of fruit if you had no fresh fruit on the granola.
Lunch: Cold Chicken salad. (one piece of chicken, cheese, lettuce, olives, cucumber, tomato, onion)
Mid afternoon: Tea. 2nd small piece fruit
Dinner (by 6:30pm): 1 Big Soup, No Main. (2nd small piece of fruit can follow if not taken in afternoon)

Morning Exercise: Exercise bike or treadmill 15 minutes, increasing each week by a minute until you are doing 30 minutes daily. Or at least 5 days per week. (People might say get outside and walk in the fresh air, but with a big TV in front of your treadmill you might find that its less of a chore and you will have done 15 minutes before you know it, if your entertained.).

Repeat. Change up the light lunch and get variety in your evening soups. Try a different Plum Foods granola or muesli. (their all low sugar, wholefoods that are blended to give you a healthy nutritious meal). This is your eating lifestyle now.

Why not order a carton of muesli, granola or porridge oats from Plum Foods and be prepared for Easy healthy breakfasts for a month or two.

Simple Light Chicken Salad

Simple Light Chicken Salad

Maple Nut Crunch 100g Serve

Maple Nut Crunch 100g Serve

Maple Nut Crunch 100g Serve with Milk & Bananas

Maple Nut Crunch 100g Serve with Milk & Bananas

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