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Is There Such a Thing as Gluten Free Granola?

is granola gluten free

Gluten free granola is just one example of a free-from product where you just think ‘Well surely that’s obvious”. But when it comes to products with certain dietary requirements such as vegan or gluten-free, there is often more to it than meets the eye. In this article, we look at the things you need to consider when shopping for gluten free granola.

Gluten and Granola

The key ingredients in granola generally include grains (including but not limited to oats) some form of sweetener such as honey or brown sugar, and a variety of mix-ins such as nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Finally, many granola recipes include a bit of oil or another form of fat to help achieve that appealing crispy texture when baked.

Gluten grains in granola

Sometimes your granola may contain one of three gluten-containing grains, such as wheat, rye, or barley, with wheat being the most likely. Usually, it would be in the form of flour to help create those all-important crunchy clusters, or bran to help boost the fibre content.

Oats in granola

Oats are pretty much non-negotiable in a traditional granola recipe. And whilst oats are fairly benign in terms of gluten content, they may cause sensitivity issues in some people.

The first is the possibility of cross-contamination with gluten-containing grains. So unless your oats are certified as gluten free, then they may contain trace amounts of gluten.

The second is the contentious subject of gluten proteins in oats. Whilst oats do not contain the same gluten proteins as wheat, they do have their own glutens known as avenins. These have been shown to cause sensitivity in some people.

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Labelling and gluten free certification

The final thing to consider is whether your granola carries gluten free certification. For some, it is a choice. For others, such as coeliacs or those with high levels of sensitivity, traces of gluten are a definite deal breaker. It’s important to read labels carefully or choose brands that explicitly state they are gluten-free to ensure you’re avoiding gluten in your granola.

You can find out more about food labelling in our introduction to gluten free food

Gluten Free Granola

Yet thankfully, none of this means that granola is off the menu. Gluten-free granola moves away from traditional ingredients that may contain gluten, focusing instead on elements that offer the same satisfying crunch without the gluten.

The base typically includes certified gluten-free oats, a crucial distinction as these oats are carefully processed to ensure there’s no cross-contamination with gluten-containing grains. The sweetener used remains the same – honey or brown sugar – and the mix-ins continue to be varied and customizable. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are naturally gluten-free and add both texture and flavour. Puffed quinoa or buckwheat groats may also be used for added crunch and nutrition.

Again, reading labels or choosing trusted gluten-free brands becomes essential when selecting these ingredients to ensure they have not been processed in facilities where cross-contamination could occur.

Granola without Oats

For those who prefer to avoid oats altogether, there is now a growing number of alternatives that are made without oats. In order to retain the classic characteristic of crunchy clusters no oat granola may contain a gluten-free grain flour such as rice flour, as well as popular alternatives such as quinoa or buckwheat.

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Grain free granola

And then there is grain-free granola, made without the addition of grains of any kind. These types tend to focus heavily on pseudograins and seeds, as well as dried fruit, and have a looser less clumpy texture.

If you are interested in the concept of a grain-free diet, read our article about why going grain-free may be the answer to gluten free.

Is Paleo granola gluten free?

Yes, Paleo granola is gluten free, and also grain-free.

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As we have seen, cereal is not necessarily off the menu for those on a gluten free diet. Why not explore our range of gluten free cereals today?

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Apple Supreme Paleo is Gluten Free and Organic

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Granola Is a Healthy Eating Snack That Helps In Losing Weight

Granola is considered to be breakfast as well as a snack food that comprises of rolled oats, nuts, honey and some fruit for sweeteners but ours has no added sugar. During the period of making granola, several processes are followed for the production of organic wholesale granola. At the time of baking, respective mixtures are stirred well for the maintenance of respective cereal consistency in breakfast.

Sometimes dried fruits such as raisins, dates are added for making the texture good. People prefer to have granola with honey, yogurt, fresh fruits including strawberries, blueberries, bananas and it can be eaten with milk and several kinds of cereals. During the time of camping, hiking and backpacking, people carry granola as it is considered to be a nutritious, rich in calories, lightweight and it is also convenient to store during backpacking and hiking. The health benefits of granola include improvement of digestion, and blood sugar control from Low GI Ingredients.

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Granola and Muesli are healthy breakfast cereals which come under the category of “eat it like you would” because of the different possible ways and combinations you can have it. You can cook them and turn them into porridge, or soak them overnight and add sliced fresh fruits and dried fruits. Granola bowls and Smoothie bowls can be gluten-free when not made with rolled oats. We offer some Gluten free  products with natural Australian ingredients which are manufactured under HACCP certified conditions.

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