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Is There Such a Thing as Gluten Free Granola?

is granola gluten free

Gluten free granola is just one example of a free-from product where you just think ‘Well surely that’s obvious”. But when it comes to products with certain dietary requirements such as vegan or gluten-free, there is often more to it than meets the eye. In this article, we look at the things you need to consider when shopping for gluten free granola.

Gluten and Granola

The key ingredients in granola generally include grains (including but not limited to oats) some form of sweetener such as honey or brown sugar, and a variety of mix-ins such as nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Finally, many granola recipes include a bit of oil or another form of fat to help achieve that appealing crispy texture when baked.

Gluten grains in granola

Sometimes your granola may contain one of three gluten-containing grains, such as wheat, rye, or barley, with wheat being the most likely. Usually, it would be in the form of flour to help create those all-important crunchy clusters, or bran to help boost the fibre content.

Oats in granola

Oats are pretty much non-negotiable in a traditional granola recipe. And whilst oats are fairly benign in terms of gluten content, they may cause sensitivity issues in some people.

The first is the possibility of cross-contamination with gluten-containing grains. So unless your oats are certified as gluten free, then they may contain trace amounts of gluten.

The second is the contentious subject of gluten proteins in oats. Whilst oats do not contain the same gluten proteins as wheat, they do have their own glutens known as avenins. These have been shown to cause sensitivity in some people.

Find out more about this in our article ‘are oats gluten free?’

Labelling and gluten free certification

The final thing to consider is whether your granola carries gluten free certification. For some, it is a choice. For others, such as coeliacs or those with high levels of sensitivity, traces of gluten are a definite deal breaker. It’s important to read labels carefully or choose brands that explicitly state they are gluten-free to ensure you’re avoiding gluten in your granola.

You can find out more about food labelling in our introduction to gluten free food

Gluten Free Granola

Yet thankfully, none of this means that granola is off the menu. Gluten-free granola moves away from traditional ingredients that may contain gluten, focusing instead on elements that offer the same satisfying crunch without the gluten.

The base typically includes certified gluten-free oats, a crucial distinction as these oats are carefully processed to ensure there’s no cross-contamination with gluten-containing grains. The sweetener used remains the same – honey or brown sugar – and the mix-ins continue to be varied and customizable. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are naturally gluten-free and add both texture and flavour. Puffed quinoa or buckwheat groats may also be used for added crunch and nutrition.

Again, reading labels or choosing trusted gluten-free brands becomes essential when selecting these ingredients to ensure they have not been processed in facilities where cross-contamination could occur.

Granola without Oats

For those who prefer to avoid oats altogether, there is now a growing number of alternatives that are made without oats. In order to retain the classic characteristic of crunchy clusters no oat granola may contain a gluten-free grain flour such as rice flour, as well as popular alternatives such as quinoa or buckwheat.

You might like our award-winning Maple Nut Crunch Gluten Free Granola.

Or if your on a Keto Diet then consider one of our Keto Friendly Granola. Our Keto Granolas like Almond Cinamon are also Vegan and Gluten Free

Grain free granola

And then there is grain-free granola, made without the addition of grains of any kind. These types tend to focus heavily on pseudograins and seeds, as well as dried fruit, and have a looser less clumpy texture.

If you are interested in the concept of a grain-free diet, read our article about why going grain-free may be the answer to gluten free.

Is Paleo granola gluten free?

Yes, Paleo granola is gluten free, and also grain-free.

You might like our Crisp Apple Paleo Gluten Free Granola which is grain-free.

As we have seen, cereal is not necessarily off the menu for those on a gluten free diet. Why not explore our range of gluten free cereals today?

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The 5 Big Benefits of Buckwheat

buckwheat groats on a large wooden spoon

Buckwheat is a small heart shaped pseudo-grain that has many benefits for our health. Not a true cereal, it actually belongs to the same family as rhubarb. But what exactly are the benefits of buckwheat?

1. Buckwheat is gluten free

There is a lot of confusion these days around some true grains that although considered gluten free, do actually contain some gluten proteins that can trigger a reaction. As a pseudo-grain, one of the best benefits of buckwheat is that it is completely gluten free. Because of this, it finds its way into many gluten free cereals such as our delicious gluten free maple nut crunch.

Buckwheat groats are also an excellent addition to your arsenal of gluten free grains.

2. Buckwheat supports hormonal balance

Buckwheat is rich in a group of plant hormones known as lignans, that have been shown to promote hormone balance in both men and women. Studies also suggest that these may also help to protect against breast cancer.

3. Buckwheat is great for your skin

It is particular good for sensitive skin. With antioxidant rutin for strengthening capillary walls, and anti inflammatory quercetin, this little seed is really good at calming the flare ups associated with sensitive skin and conditions such as rosacea or eczema.

4. Buckwheat is good for your gut

Buckwheat is a rich source of fibre; both soluble and insoluble. Not only does this help to balance blood sugar levels and lower LDL cholesterol, but helps with healthy digestion too. Soluble fibre lubricates and soothes the gut, whilst the insoluble fibre acts as a prebiotic, keeping the balance of the gut microbiota in check.

5. Buckwheat is a good source of energy

Slow release carbohydrates help maintain blood sugar levels, providing a sustainable course of steady energy. Magnesium and manganese help the body to metabolise this carbohydrate efficiently. In fact buckwheat contains over half the recommended daily allowance of magnesium, making it a truly rich source of this valuable mineral.

As if all these weren’t enough, the antioxidant content of this nutrient rich seed give it some flawless heart healthy credentials too.

We believe that whole grains are the heart of a healthy cereal but did you know that sprouted grains come with extra benefits? Sprouting turns the stored energy inside grains and seeds into raw plant energy, making them more easily digestible and increasing the bioavailability of the nutrients.

How to sprout buckwheat

For sprouting you need the raw seeds. You can tell the difference by looking at the colour; toasted buckwheat is golden brown whilst raw buckwheat is green.

Soak the raw groats for 30 mins, then drain and keep moist until they sprout. You can use a damp j cloth, or layers of kitchen roll, as long as you make sure to prevent them drying out. Once they sprout, eat them soon as they can deteriorate quite quickly.

We stock a range of premium healthy breakfast cereals, including those that are vegan, gluten-free, and even paleo.

If you would like to learn more about what makes a healthy breakfast, be sure to read our in-depth article.


This article was reproduced on this site with permission from the “Healthy Australian Cereals Manufacturer”.
See original article:- The 5 Big Benefits of Buckwheat

Rice Bran – Spotlight on Whole Grain Cereals

brown rice

Rice bran, indeed rice in general, has been finding its way into all kind of breakfast cereals as the focus moves away from wheat. Following on from our article on the benefits of eating whole grains for breakfast, we have been exploring some of these whole grains in more detail. This time it is the turn of rice.

Rice in your breakfast cereal

How breakfast cereal has changed. Variations of crisped rice, made with super crisp refined white rice and a ton of added sugar, have been a childhood (and late night snack time) favourite forever. Yet, generally speaking, rice does not appear in the ingredients lists of your average granola, muesli or porridge.

As one of the few true gluten-free grains, rice is having a bit of a moment. Versatile beyond its side dish status, and with all the benefits that whole grains have to offer, it is no surprise that brown rice for breakfast has become a thing.

Where might you find rice in your healthy cereal? Rice comes in a variety of forms suited to breakfast cereals, so look out for puffed rice, rice flakes, or rice bran.

Puffed rice, especially puffed brown rice, is not as crisp and shell like as commercial rice crispy type cereals. It has a texture and taste closer to that of popcorn. Rice naturally has a different texture to corn so it is steamed to add moisture before being air popped in the usual manner. Puffed rice can be found in many gourmet granola mixes, particularly in gluten-free granola, but is also great on its own.

Our gluten free maple nut crunch granola contains puffed rice.

Rice flakes are thinner than oats, with a texture unlike most flaked grains. Usually steamed and then flattened most rice flakes are not meant to be eaten raw, requiring cooking or soaking to soften them. This makes them ideal for porridge style blends.

Our fig and apricot bircher muesli contains brown rice flakes.

Is rice gluten free?

Yes, rice is gluten-free.

What does brown rice taste like?

Brown rice has more flavour than refined white rice and a slightly chewier texture. It tastes slightly sweet and nutty.

Does rice have protein?

Both brown and white rice have similar levels of protein. Rice does contain some protein, but it is not considered a high protein grain such as quinoa. Quinoa is also a complete protein, whilst rice protein lacks certain amino acids.

Is rice healthy?

Most of the nutrients in rice are contained within the bran and the germ. These parts are removed in the production of white rice, yet remain intact in brown rice.

Brown rice has twice as much fibre than white rice, and is abundant in antioxidant plant compounds known as flavonoids. Rice bran is particularly rich in lignans. These are another beneficial plant compound that it is suggested can help to lower the risk of many diseases, particularly female concerns such as osteoporosis, menopause and breast cancer.

The vitamin and mineral content of brown rice is higher than that of white rice, and it is particular rich in manganese, as well as a good source of magnesium, selenium, and B vitamins.

Which rice is the healthiest?

As we have seen, brown rice has far more nutrients than white rice, making it a healthier choice than white rice.

Yet, even white rice, although not as nutritious as brown rice, has its virtues. Not just gluten-free, it also has the benefit of being really easy on the digestion. Particularly good for those who may not even tolerate oats, white rice flakes make the ideal porridge and are a gentle way to start your day.

Next time you are buying breakfast cereal, look out on the label to see if it includes brown rice. And don’t forget that we have a range of healthy cereals at our online wholesale grocery store.

Find out more about what makes a healthy breakfast in our in-depth article.

This article was reproduced on this site with permission from the “Healthy Cereal manufacturers and distributors”.
See original article:- Rice Bran – Spotlight on Whole Grain Cereals

Apple Supreme Paleo is Gluten Free and Organic

Apple supreme paleo

Apple Supreme Paleo by Plum Foods is gluten-free and organic. Plum Foods are the manufacturers of high nutrient wholesale granola. Cereal manufacturers Plum Foods also distribute nutritious breakfast cereals such as bircher muesli, granola, gluten-free, vegan as well as organic oats for making porridge. Apple supreme paleo contains no added sugar do it is a low sugar cereal and it has a fruity flavour which will revive you with a chewy fruity taste. Apple supreme paleo is ideal for healthy breakfasts. This delicious paleo muesli can be eaten with milk, almond milk, fresh fruits and yoghurt. Apple supreme paleo is a palatable paleo granola which contains no cereal grains and it is Gluten Free.

Apple supreme paleo are made with insecticide free almonds, organic shredded coconut, honey,  organic dried apple, organic virgin coconut oil, almond meal, organic sunflower seeds, raisins, organic pepitas, organic dried cranberries, organic linseed, organic cinnamon, baking powder and organic vanilla powder.

Visit our site to know more details about the product. Buy apple supreme paleo and avail online discounts now.

Apple Supreme Paleo is Perfect for Nutritious Breakfast Ideas

Plum Foods manufacture healthy cereals and their Apple Supreme Paleo is very popular among those that taste crisp and crunchy.  Apple Supreme Paleo is an ideal healthy breakfast which contains no cereal grains. It can be eaten with almond milk and milk.

The main ingredients of Apple Supreme Paleo are organic shredded coconut, raw honey, pesticides free almonds, organic dried apples, virgin coconut oil, almond meal, organic sunflower seeds, raisins, vegetable oil, organic pepitas, organic dried cranberries, organic linseed, organic cinnamon, baking powder, organic vanilla powder and more.
It is rich in protein, fiber, minerals, vitamin E and much more. It is gluten free and organic. It contains no added sugar and it has fruity aroma which will make the heart delight.
A true paleo meal that has no cereal grains so it gluten free.

Visit our online store to know further details about the product and book your favorite products now and get online discounts.

Organic Rolled Oats A Healthy and Nutritious Breakfast Cereal

Organic rolled oats is a leading product of Australian cereal manufacturer Plum Foods  that is grown organically. Organic rolled oats are rich in fiber as well as antioxidants they are among the best organic cereals.

According to the researcher, oats are considered as the healthiest breakfast cereal in Australia and is very low in gluten. Whilst Organic oats are not totally gluten free, Oats is very low in gluten and even some coeliacs can tolerate it. The researchers have suggested that people should have oaten porridge at breakfast as it increases the stamina of an individual. Organic rolled oats can be grown in cool, respective moist climate and it is suitable to grow in any type of soils that contain alkaline between 5.5 as well as 7.0. Organic rolled oats are grown pesticides free and it does not contain any respective chemical residues. Organic rolled oats are rich in fiber; therefore, it helps to lower cholesterol levels of an individual.

Plum Foods are wholesale granola manufacturers who pack and produce their own products. All our products have majority organic and/or insecticide-free ingredients which will help you in maintaining your healthy breakfast cereal diet. Buy Plum Foods organic oats here.


Try Gluten Free Recipes with Our Organic Granola and Muesli Cereal Packs

Granola and Muesli are healthy breakfast cereals which come under the category of “eat it like you would” because of the different possible ways and combinations you can have it. You can cook them and turn them into porridge, or soak them overnight and add sliced fresh fruits and dried fruits. Granola bowls and Smoothie bowls can be gluten-free when not made with rolled oats. We offer some Gluten free  products with natural Australian ingredients which are manufactured under HACCP certified conditions.

Plum Foods is a gourmet granola and muesli brand, where you can find different types of healthy breakfast cereals. You can visit our online gourmet grocery shop to find more. We also offer a different brand called Mulberry Tree to promote our Muesli products there. Opera Foods are the granola suppliers and parent company which deals in all types of gourmet products and mostly our own brands. For wholesale bulk delivery to retailers, we suggest you visit our wholesale granola hub at Opera Foods.

Paleo Organic Healthy Breakfast Cereal

Apple Supreme Paleo an organic healthy breakfast cereal

Apple Supreme Paleo an organic healthy breakfast cereal

Apple Supreme Paleo is an organic healthy breakfast cereal by Plum Foods the Australian organic granola and muesli manufacturers of easy healthy breakfast cereals.

This is a Gluten Free organic Paleo granola. Top shelf and great easy healthy breakfast.

Buy it online from your organic cereal and Australian granola manufacturers at Plum Foods.

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Fake Gluten Free Caims by Food Outlets

Gluten free

A report recently published in The Medical Journal Of Australia shows, that Victorian Environmental Health Officers found numerous fake claims during their last, surprise visits, survey of food outlets. They were checking food advertised as gluten-free.

Their analysis showed that 9% were not compliant with the Food Standards Australia New Zealand definition of gluten-free. Consumption of  gluten free food has become an unfortunate fad among many consumers, however it is the only treatment for those rare few with coeliac disease. An extended article on false gluten free claims  is published on Opera Foods gourmet food Store.

Gluten free foods need to be manufactured in separate contamination free premises.

#plumfoods #glutenfree #falseclaims

Gluten Free Oats is False Advertising


Many Australian Companies are falsely advertising Gluten Free Oats whereas in spite of it being low levels there is gluten in all oats varieties. Even small levels are bad for coeliac patients. See this article on Opera Foods for more details.